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Growing up, we learn by assimilating and adapting to the norms and expectations of our family and society. At some point we may feel the urge to find out more about who we are as unique individuals, and become who we really are.

For me, this is the background to the person-centered approach, which is what I use in my work as a coach and facilitator. Key to this approach is the valuing and honouring of the uniqueness of each individual's experience and journey. 

Turning inwards puts us in touch with a wellspring of wisdom we may not know we have inside. Beyond discovering deeper layers to our personal biographies, the journey may lead to an encounter with the archetypal realm, where, through symbol and myth, we learn more about the forces shaping our lives and our world. This may become a journey of deep transformation.

After more than 20 years of working as a coach and facilitator in education, business and private practice, I have found that the creative arts (in particular movement, art, writing) are an effective way to enter into this inner realm, which becomes the source for growth, transformation, and social action.

My background includes training in coaching (CTI), ProcessWork (Cfor), Embodied Leadership, Person-centered Art Therapy Skills (APPCA), Dance movement therapy (Goldsmith University), and Focusing.

In addition to offering Person-Centred Creative Arts Coaching and Workshops, I work as a Senior Lecturer at Regent's University London

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