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Ariane’s workshop was phenomenal. It gave me a space to reflect through images, movement and words, unearthing aspects of my life that I was not expecting. The images that the music evoked for me during the dance time are still strong and a source of energy. It was an excellent experience in self-knowledge. I will definitely try it again. Thank you, Ariane!


Playing with Possibilities workshop.
I attended this workshop on Sunday 21st June and could not recommend it highly enough. The space to explore was crafted in a timely and safe manner, the ever deepening, imaginative and creative activities were designed to activate the body, reflections and imagination and the collaborative sharing was beautifully held by a very experienced practitioner.
I felt safe to explore my own body movements, artistic crafting and emerging thoughts; I was left feeling very satisfied and also hungry for more.
Suzanne Schultz

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