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person centred creative arts coaching

What is Person-Centred Creative Arts Coaching?

Coaching in essence is about ‘unlocking your potential’. 

Many people simply feel dissatisfied or stuck in their lives.  You may experience a lack of fulfillment or a deep sense that there may be more to life.  Coaching can help you on your journey to greater authenticity and feeling empowered to choose your own path.

What is different about person-centred coaching?

Depending on the practitioner, traditional coaching may be a directive process, with the coach as the expert, there to help solve problems. The person centred approach rests firmly in the belief that as the client ‘you know best’.  I will endeavour to meet you with empathy, honesty and care so that you can feel safe to explore what you want to work on in the session.

Why creative arts?

When you engage with any form of creative self-expression you engage the whole of your body/mind/emotion and spirit.  While talking is useful and necessary, you will be able to discover through image making (or any other form of creative self-expression, such as movement, clay, writing etc). aspects of yourself that you may not normally have access to.  What emerges typically comes from a deeper place within you.

The aim of using the creative arts is not to create any works of beauty but to express your inner world in an outer form. You are then invited to talk about the meaning of your experience and any insights that may arise.


How many session will I need?

There is no standard answer to this question.  At times even a single session can be helpful in shifting things.  You determine how many or few sessions you feel are appropriate.  During our first informal conversation we will explore where you are in your personal and professional life and what your challenges and aspirations are. 

If we both agree to proceed, we will then formalise our conversation in a coaching contract and agree on a date and time for our first session.

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