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Level 1

Introduction to Person Centred Creative Arts

A fun experiential course to develop your understanding and creativity
Course info…

On this course you will learn about the person centred approach. You will also discover how working with creative art can be therapeutic,  can help develop self-awareness and promote mental health. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about and develop your own creativity.

The main focus is on creative work, reflection and personal development.

Students will need to provide:

  • A book to use as an art journal

  • Ideally a set of paints or pastels, pencils and paper

Course aims

On this course participants will:

Explore creativity and its importance 

a.     Learn about the person-centred approach to creative arts

b.     Be able to engage with person centred art making

c.     Develop their self-awareness

d.     Develop creativity and confidence

The course is delivered over three sessions (currently online) and students will need to engage in home study activities of approximately one hour per week.


Sunday November 15th 10-12.15

Sunday November 29th 10-12.15

Sunday December 13th 10-12.15

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