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Why embodiment?

As a culture we are disconnected from our bodies. We live in a society where the mind is prized to the exclusions of other ways of relating to experience. Apart from the cultural consequences of that, the disconnection from embodied experiencing expresses itself in a variety of problems including eating disorders and addiction.

Cognitive and talking approaches have their place in therapeutic practice, but in dealing with difficult emotions and experiences they can be counter-productive. Trauma is stored in the body; without working directly with the body our approach is likely incomplete. Excessive focus on our mental life may keep us stuck in trauma or anxiety, rather than liberate us.

As uncomfortable as it may appear, our difficult emotions and sensations need to be experienced in order to be released, and often that requires non-conceptual approaches.

If you are interested in exploring your current relationship to your physical body and finding ways to tap into the wisdom of the BodyMind, I'm running an experiential workshop through online events.

In these experiential creative arts workshops we will explore ways to connect with the totality of our being. This is an enquiry based approach, opening ourselves to what it is to truly be in a body. Through enquiry and dialogue we access the bodies innate wisdom. Emotions, physical symptoms and difficulties can then be approached with an understanding that they are messages coming from our deeper psyche asking us to listen more deeply. Rather than something to be avoided, embodiment can become a gateway to deeper integration and wholeness.

For more information see the events page or go to:

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